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Tell Us About A Bereavement

We're sorry to hear about your loss. When you notify us of a death, we need some information to help us know how to deal with the deceased's account(s).

Section 1 - Your Details
This is your relationship to the deceased. This could be a family member, husband, wife, civil partner or their child, neighbour, friend, solicitor
Your email address will only be used internally with our Specialist Support team; it will not be used for marketing purposes
Section 2 - Deceased Customer Details
This is so we don’t contact you around this time.
Please supply agreement numbers associated with the deceased. If you don’t have this information, please supply the registration numbers of the vehicles concerned (if known).
Section 3 - Document Request

Please provide us with supplementary documentation, including:

  • a proof of death document (The original or a certified copy of the death certificate, an interim death certificate, Coroner’s certificate, Grant of probate or letters of administration (Confirmation in Scotland).
  • a proof of authority to act (The Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (Confirmation in Scotland). If you don’t currently have this document, or don’t know if you need it, you can send it to us at a later date. We may be able to accept the deceased customer’s Last Will and Testament showing their appointed executors).
  • a proof of identification for yourself (for example a passport or driving licence).

Please make sure that where applicable all writing is clear and legible. The entire page needs to be visible and, if possible, it should fill the screen. If necessary, you can provide any of these documents to us at a later date. However, we will need these in order to carry out the next steps.

Please email these documents to and our dedicated Specialist Support team will be in touch.

Section 4 - Additional Information
By submitting this form you confirm that you are the account holder and give permission to access the agreement. This will enable us to obtain the information relevant to your request. We will then be in contact to discuss the next steps. If any of the details in the form do not match our records, an agent will contact you to carry out further Data Protection questions.

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