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What is a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars have a regular combustion engine which are supported by an electric motor. This allows for seamless interchanges between power sources, to improve on fuel efficiency and achieve low CO2 emissions but keeping the peace of mind of having a petrol engine for longer trips.

What is an Electric Car?

Unlike petrol or diesel-powered engines, electric cars run solely on battery powered electric motors providing a CO2-free drive. The battery can be recharged in a number of ways, at home or on the go.

A few reasons to choose a Hyundai Electric or Hybrid Car

Lower total cost of running

Not only do Hybrid and Electric Cars offer greater fuel efficiency and so lower fuel costs, but EV owners also make savings through lower road tax and maintenance costs compared to conventional petrol or diesel cars.

Environmentally conscious

Electric motors emit zero emissions whilst driving, improving the air quality in towns and cities and significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to petrol or diesel cars

Longer Range

Hyundai’s purely electric range, KONA Electric, IONIQ 5 and IONIQ Electric deliver a reassuring 193-300 miles on full charge, which for most everyday journeys is entirely sufficient without the need to recharge. 

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Travel in low emission zones

An increasing number of cities are imposing congestion charges and low emissions zones in order to protect their air quality. Electric cars do not emit CO2 or other harmful gasses and therefore are not subject to any charges in the emissions zones.

What is the cost benefit of running
an Electric or Hybrid Car

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