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Managing your Arrears

At Hyundai Finance we take great care to ensure your personal details remain safe. For security purposes please provide the information requested below before submitting your arrears management proposal.

Your Details
Section 2 - Your Circumstances
Section 3 - Your Repayment Options

You have 2 options for repaying your account arrears.

Option 1 - pay your arrears now

Please click here to open our secure online payment system and make your payment today.

Option 2 – pay your arrears over three instalments

Please provide the dates on which you will repay your arrears and then click on the ‘submit’ button below. Please note that the final payment date must be within 3 months

I will repay my account as follows:

Repayment 1
Repayment 2
Repayment 3

We will confirm your arrears management proposal either by email or phone. Please click on your preferred contact method before clicking the ‘submit’ button.

Please note that in order to avoid any account charges it is important that you make your agreed arrears repayments on the agreed dates.

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